China Immunotech (Beijing) Biotechnology Co.Ltd.

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Founded in March 2018, China Immunotech (Beijing) Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is dedicated to biopharmaceutical research and development. We focus on developing and commercializing the products of cellular immunotherapy for cancer and other diseases. The STAR-T and enTCR-T are the two unique core technological platforms developed by our company. Our founder and leading scientist is an immunologist and professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Our company is a successful model of the translation of scientific and technological achievements at Tsinghua University.

Core Technology

STAR-T has innovative and patented antigen receptor complex structure. Better effect but less side effects. The unique design can be easily developed to multi-target varieties, which effectively improve the survival time of T cells in vivo and reduce T cell depletion, to prevent target escape and tumor recurrence.
enTCR-T platform has taken viral target as a breakthrough point and focused on the solid tumor treatment. Platforms has been established for complete antigen epitope prediction, multi HLA tetramer preparation, high-throughput T cell receptor screening and identification, etc.. Various developed enTCR-T products have shown safe and positive therapeutic effect in clinical studies.

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